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B-17G “Flying Fortress”


110Aircraft Type: B-17P(DB), S/N 44-83559, Flying Fortress, Boeing (Douglas)Mission: Heavy BomberNumber Built : A total of 12,731 Flying Fortresses were produced in the period … Read More

Avro Hawker Vulcan


Aircraft Type: Avro Vulcan B.Mk II, S/N XM573Mission: Medium strategic bomberNumber built: 122 (all models), 75 (Mk.II version)Powerplant: Four Bristol Siddely Olympus turbojets, 20,000 … Read More

A-26B “Invader”


Aircraft Type: A-26B (VB), S/N 44-34665, Douglas Mission: Medium attack bomber Number built: 2, 451 (all models) Powerplant: Two 2,000 horsepower Pratt and Whitney … Read More

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GENERAL OPERATIONSANNUAL FUNDEach day the SAC Museum preserves the history of the Strategic Air Command, the Cold War, and space artifacts and the connections … Read More


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