For information on corporate sponsorship of exhibitions or STEM programming, please contact the Deb at (402) 944-3100 ext. 220.

A Corporate Membership Drive

is a program coordinated by the Museum and an employer to provide discounted memberships to employees. This program enriches the lives of your employees while supporting the mission of the Museum. Companies may participate in the Membership Drive to make discounted SAC Aerospace Museum memberships available to all employees. As an incentive to corporate partners, we provide participating organizations a $10 discount on both Family level and Individual level Memberships.
  • An individual should be designated to act as a liaison between the company and the Museum. This person will be responsible for conducting solicitation procedures, collecting and submitting membership applications and payments (unless other arrangements have been determined), and contacting the museum Membership Associate with updates, questions or concerns.
  • Payment options include personal checks from employees, made payable to the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum, or credit card payments over the phone.
  • The company may provide a matching gift program or offer to underwrite a portion of the membership cost for employees. Company contributions are completely tax deductible. These are wonderful ways to promote employee incentives and provide additional support to the Museum.
  • Dates for the company’s corporate drive must be determined. Employees should be informed about the drive and applicable dates. E-mails, memos, newsletters and payroll inserts are effective ways to communicate this information and generate interest. Informational materials on the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum will be provided and should be distributed or displayed in high-traffic areas.
  • Representatives from the museum are available to set up a display booth where memberships may be purchased, and employees may ask questions and get information on the museum.

If you are interested in a Membership Drive or would like further information, please contact Sam at or call (402) 944-3100 ext. 213.