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Join us the second Saturday of each month and set your imagination free!

From the discovery of dinosaurs, space, and Moon Landers to exploring fun candy science or weird science, these classes are great for ages 3-12.

Sessions are from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. and are limited to approximately 30 participants. Each session includes a make-and-take project and is just $7.00 per child or $5.00 for members. Museum admission will apply to non-member parents at a discounted rate of $7.00. All youth ages 3-5 must be accompanied in class by a parent.

Due to purchasing of the supplies for the class, the cost of the class is non-refundable.

How can I register?

Program registration may be made any time but at least three days in advance of the selected Saturday. Space is limited to 20 participants. You may register online here.

Get Smart Saturday Schedule:

January 14:  “Dinosaurs”  – Come explore the world of dinosaurs and flying reptiles. Your child will learn to sort dinosaurs during an interactive game and best of all your child will transform into their favorite dinosaur. 

February 11: “Animation” – Participants will learn about the original form of animation and develop their own flipbook. After making their own character, they will produce a film using digital photography and animation. 

March 11:  “Nebraska” – Did you know Kool-Aid was invented in Nebraska?  Youth will explore the exciting world of Kool-Aid science with hands on science projects such as making their own play-doh using Kool-Aid! 

April 8:  “Candy Science” (This session does not start until 12 p.m.) – The Museum is celebrating Spring with a Spring Fling and Egg Hunt from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.  After the Egg Hunt, participants will learn how candy is made and all about the mysteries of candy from candy coatings to gummy bears.  Science is fun and yummy!

May 13:  “Medieval Engineering” – From knights and princesses to fearsome dragons, your child will explore the ancient world of engineering! Participants will learn how to make their own catapults, castles, and moats while preparing for a theatrical production.  

June 10:  “The Magic of Bubbles” – Participants will learn about surface tension and air pressure as they delve into the fascinating world of bubbles.  Your child will make, stack, twist, and get inside a bubble during this fun-filled class.

July 8: “Space Engineer”  – Explore  the wonders of rocket fuel and the power of bacteria.   Participants will build a Lunar Lander and make their own fuel and then test their lander to see if it can stand up to the forces of flight.  

August 12:  “ Robotics” – What do robots and humans have in common?  Join this class and  learn about robots, build a robot, and control the robot in a competition!

September 9:  “Pirates & Ships” – Will the Pirate walk the plank or will the ship sink?  Your child will learn all about engineering design skills gnarly enough to build a vessel that doesn’t sink.  Participants will test various weights and designs that keep a ship afloat while simultaneously learning how fancy footwork is required to wield a pirates sword.    

October 14: “Spooky Science” – Ever wonder about things go bump in the night?  In this session your child will learn about things that ooze and go Boo!  Participants will explore the anatomy of a monster, make slime, and learn about the science behind things that glow!  

November 11:  “Aviation” – Come explore the wonders of flight starting with learning how the four forces of flight impact the ability to soar through the sky.  Participants will build a glider and learn what it takes to be an aeronautic engineer. 

December 9:  “Cool Science” – Explore things that sparkle and glow!  Participants will learn about crystal growth and the power of ice.  Participants will enjoy making their own snowflakes and ice crystals.