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The Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum offers two unique opportunities

to honor those individuals who deserve special recognition for their legacy of service and sacrifice. Bricks and Benches are perfect for honoring or memorializing loved ones, friends and veterans. Both options are tax-deductible and your gift will further the mission of the Museum.

Would you like to leave a lasting legacy on the Heritage Patio at the SAC Aerospace Museum? Our Heritage Patio brick program offers you the opportunity to have a brick inscribed with your name or the name of someone you love. Your gift will help build a fitting tribute that offers museum visitors a chance for private reflection, while also serving as a sign of your lasting support to the mission of the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum. (Bricks are $100.00 per brick)

The Heritage Patio is located in front of the Museum between the Thor and Blue Scout Missiles. The patio is constructed out of bricks–each engraved with a tribute to an individual or group. The patio provides a resting spot for Museum guests. Military units, civilian organizations and families are taking advantage of this unique opportunity for memorials or tributes.  Bricks also make wonderful gifts!


The Granite Bench Tribute offers another option for those wanting to honor individuals or groups. It has proven especially popular among military squadrons. The benches are made from granite shipped from overseas, then handcrafted and engraved. Each bench is carefully designed to reflect the mission and legacy of each group or individual. The benches may be placed on the Memorial Patio or inside the Museum. ($5000 per bench.)